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Two percent inflation is two percent theft

With political sewage threatening to reach tsunami force, writing an article on inflation seems like posting a daydream.Yet a better understanding of money would show us how it could shield us from political as well as economic malfeasance. When we hear inflation discussed it's usually presented as a method of price control.  It’s a lever central bank “policymakers" tweak to keep IT from happening, by which I mean the infamous Bernanke IT, i.e. deflation, i.e., a general fall in prices.  The Fed and its cheerleaders believe a 2% CPI inflation target (more or less) is perfect for a healthy economy.  But horrors — it’s been below 2%!  A recent article in the Economist exhorts the Fed to get on the stick and get busying printing (“The only thing we have to fear is fear of inflation"). It has been reckless of the Fed to allow inflation to remain so low for so long. We should be cheering the slight, recent acceleration in prices and hoping for more.Remember, in the world of Key…

The Chairman's Halloween Surprise

What would happen if a man of integrity somehow became chairman of the Federal Reserve?  In The Flight of the Barbarous Relic (2008) I tell what he might do.  Here's how it begins:

PROLOG  The man approaching him in the August twilight was tall and thick through the chest, though nothing in his movements suggested a threat. He strolled with a hand slipped casually in his pants pocket, even stopping once to pick up a piece of litter and toss it in a nearby barrel. He could almost pass for one of D.C.’s tourists taking a late walk through a public park.  Yet, on seeing him Ricky Sawyer’s stomach churned. This was no casual meeting taking place. He had known this moment would come and had dreaded it, and Sawyer was not prone to unnecessary fears. As he waited under one of the many security lights in the area, the man stopped abruptly in the shadows, kneeled down and retied a running shoe that was properly laced. Sawyer took the hint and moved all 282 pounds of himself over to join him.  …

Boris Karloff and the candidates

For me shopping starts at Amazon.I don’t always end up there but if nothing else I can read product reviews and get an idea of how others rate the particular item I’m after. I love Amazon’s return policy. — don’t like it, no problem: ship it back at no charge.With a policy like that I’m willing to take a chance on items that don’t sell me on the reviews.I’m also fond of their Prime membership.Free shipping right to my front door in many cases.
Online shopping has thus become almost painless.  Weak-willed individuals might view that as a drawback; I don’t.   
“There’s always a better way of doing things,” a senior programmer told me long ago.   Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen found a way, and he continues to improve on it at a breathtaking pace.
Unfortunately, American voters won’t be dealing with Amazon or any other online retailer when choosing the next president.  They’ll be dealing with a social organization that serves the interests of the few at their expense, but which is widely perceive…

Hate versus hate versus the odds

The Clintons are widely hated.Neither is it a dull, aching hate of the kind reserved for run-of-the-mill bumbling interventionists.No, Clinton-hate is a sharp, piercing hate, so strong it is experienced as visceral.People manifesting this condition hate Bill Clinton.Why?Because the formerly “charming” Bubba might be a rapist and played a key role getting the FBI off his wife’s back.
Clinton-haters hate Bill because he’s married to Hillary.  And they hate Hillary because “she’s a corrupt tool of the establishment.”  They hate both Clintons because they get away with murder and get richer doing so.  They hate Hillary’s big money speeches.  They hate her smug contempt for working people.  They hate her support for the Iraq war.  They hate her foreign policies of aggression.  They hate her love of big government.  They hate her public - private positions on Wall Street. They hate her because she’s a Machiavellian, power-lusting politician.  They hate her.
But that’s not all.
In the mainstre…