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She's your humble servant -- not the debaters

As the tension mounts for the upcoming presidential debate I suggest we keep one fact foremost in mind.  The two candidates are, in truth, and at best, fools.  They believe, as do the voters evidently, that they can run other people’s lives, and for that reason want to tower over the lives and livelihoods of some 320 million Americans.
But wait, you say — the president doesn’t simply impose his will on the nation.  He carries out a program concocted by faces both seen and unseen.  And of course you’re right.  Those faces constitute what some call the Deep State and others the National Security State and still others the Secret Government.  And others Big Brother.  Policy is enacted through horse trading carried out in back rooms.  And untouchable bureaucracies issuing decrees.
Voters know this if you press them on it, but they go to the polls anyway because if no one did we’d collapse into tyranny.  So voters vote believing they’ve got this thing called the federal government in their h…

Another day in government's office

Today as I do every day I went to my website’s many RSS feeds and read reports and commentaries that have become painfully familiar.  Here are some items I found:
David Stockman’s hard-hitting article that urges Donald Trump to slam the Fed in the upcoming presidential debate for its crucifixion of what Stockman calls Flyover America.  “The Fed’s core policies of 2% inflation and 0% interest rates . . . are based on the specious academic theory that financial gambling fuels economic growth and that all economic classes prosper from inflation and march in lockstep together as prices and wages ascend on the Fed’s appointed path.”  Stockman adds: “Putting the wood to the Fed is the right answer for what ails the American economy. Monday night would be a good place for the Donald to line-up with the 90% who have been left behind.”
Unfortunately, putting the wood to the Fed doesn’t mean eliminating it, in Stockman’s view.  
Ron Paul’s Liberty Report that featured former state department offic…

Choose your elections wisely

So, you’re planning to be a responsible American on Election Day and cast your vote.Fine, but ask yourself why. Is it any more than a ritual?Is the engine of government something you can control through elections you don’t control? Do you think if you put a voice for liberty in the Oval Office that voice would last long?Are any of the candidates even selling liberty?Are you looking to buy it, or do you just want in on the scam?
Further, what would motivate an institution — government — which is fundamentally anti-liberty to surrender any of its power?  Government has been for sale to the highest bidders for a long time.  Nothing gets changed without their approval.  Are you one of those highest bidders?  Probably not.
On November 22, 1963, when Lee Harvey Oswald declared himself a patsy in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, he provided a clue about the power center of this country.  It isn’t the president, it isn’t Congress or the Court.  It most definitely is not the voters.