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Does Popeye know best?

You can’t beat something with nothing, Gary North has said repeatedly, and I think he’s right in the realm of ideas.Bad ideas, once entrenched, hang around until a crisis brings the roof down.Even then the guilty will be standing in the wreckage pointing fingers elsewhere, usually toward anything that hints at freedom. Evil systems eventually break down [North writes]. We have seen this in our day: the three-day disintegration of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union itself: August 19-21, 1991. Impossible, we would have said in early 1991.Our goal is to promote positive change at a local level while we wait for today's evil systems to break down. This waiting goes on for years. Then, without warning, the transformation comes in short order.It is our job to be ready to accept responsibility and then implement local changes in terms of the ideas we profess to be true.We can't beat something with nothing.But when it comes to elections, “nothing” may be a ve…

What voters have created

I offer the following movie clips from two dark comedies as a cram course in political science.  They also alert us to the futility of handing over our lives at the ballot box.

Domestic policy: The Distinguished Gentleman (1992)

From Wikipedia:
A Florida con man named Thomas Jefferson Johnson uses the passing of the longtime Congressman from his district, Jeff Johnson (who died of a heart attack while having sex with his secretary), to get elected to the United States Congress as a freshman Congressman, where the money flows from lobbyists. Omitting his first name, and abbreviating his middle name, he calls himself "Jeff" Johnson. He then manages to get on the ballot by pitching a seniors organization, the Silver Foxes, to nominate him as their candidate for office.  Once on the election ballot, he uses the dead Congressman's old campaign material and runs a low budget campaign that appeals to name recognition, figuring most people do not pay much attention and simply v…

Loose Cannon, Part IV (Finale)

Summary of Part III: Brandon keeps making videos and defends himself verbally in a park against some upset war vets.He also shows them a series of easily accessible videos showing the lies, death, and destruction involved in the Iraq invasion.
News commentator Lyman Lovett agrees to meet Brandon for an interview at a lemonade stand in Georgia.  The interview turns disastrous for Lovett, who leaves telling Brandon he’s a marked man.  
Brandon has a T-shirt made up depicting his don’t vote philosophy.  When Jeesee and the bodyguards see it they are reminded of how voting has helped blacks and women in the past. They confront Brandon with this point.  He’s unable to convince them they’re wrong, and it is devastating to him.

Lyman Lovett buys a bagel from a street vendor and is immediately joined by a sleep-deprived Mr. Williams.  Their eyes meet and they begin walking together.

LYMAN LOVETT It’s not every day that I get visitors from Was…