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From here to anarchy

It’s surprising to me that libertarians take presidential campaigns as an opportunity to promote small government candidates — or in some cases establishment candidates with a sprinkling of libertarianism in their rhetoric — when they could be using this time to advance their vision of a stateless society.  One reason they don’t, of course, is that many of them don’t support a stateless society.  They want the state, but much less of it.  Coercion in small doses is just fine. 
Another reason is the perennial one: How do you peacefully attain a stateless society?  It’s not as if it’s on the ballot or ever will be.
Yet another reason is the election season is so full of juicy stuff to write about.  Trump’s “outrageous” faux pas grab the spotlight, but there are others:   Who’s the biggest warmonger?  Is Sanders a socialist or a Keynesian on steroids, as Gary North describes him?   And then there’s the “outsider” theme of this campaign, with Trump and Sanders but especially Trump causin…

Vote outside the voting booth

I know positively who I will be voting for in November, and it won’t be either of the major party candidates.Nor will it be a third party candidate or any other person who might want to occupy a political office.
Instead I will be voting for you — whoever you may be. 
I will not be voting to put you in power over my life.  I will be voting to free you of the power of others who occupy a political office.  I will be voting to put you in charge of your own life through your own initiative and cooperation with others.  I have great confidence in you, not necessarily from what I’ve seen but because I know how resourceful you can be when the situation calls for it.
The situation calls for it, now.
One outcome I seek is having as few people as possible participate in the government’s voting process — far fewer than in past elections.  
Let’s look at a few numbers.
In 2008, of the 231 million eligible voters in the U.S., 131 million cast ballots, leaving 100 million eligible voters who didn’…