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Don’t let fallacies torpedo your thinking

A fallacy is defined as a mistaken belief or a failure in reasoning.Though most people make an effort to avoid mistakes, no one is infallible, not even great writers.
You can download a chart of common fallacies here.  The online chart is hyperlinked to each of the fallacies.
Here’s another source of common fallacies with examples, including their Latin names.  Example: post hoc ergo propter hoc (‘false cause’) fallacy: "after this, therefore because of this.”
I break fallacies into two major groups:
A.  First, we have traditional fallacies you might remember from philosophy 101.  In these, the reasoning is obviously absurd, though we might be at a loss to explain the specific violation involved: Your dog has puppies.Your dog is a mother.It is your dog, therefore it is your mother.
Every distance, no matter how short, consists of an infinite number of pointsFor a body to move any distance requires covering an infinite number of points.Nothing can move an infinite distance.Therefore, al…

Technology: The Great Bushwhacker

If anything is clear about the 2016 presidential election it is the failure of the establishment media to push their favored candidate into the White House. How did this happen? A nearly-ubiquitous force known as the Web riding on the quietly-soaring Pegasus of technology. AsGary North wrote in 2013, What is going to shape the thinking of the American electorate is access to the Web, which enables people to read in-depth stories that interest them, and which interest people of similar perspectives. The social media will determine which news stories are read, not a handful of news screeners at the four major television networks. . . .The Left is blaming Facebook in 2016.  But where did Facebook come from?  
Moore's Law bushwhacked the election.  It is bushwhacking almost everything.
Technology is poised to redefine life-as-we-know-it, including government.There are numerous books that advance this outlook in great detail, among which are Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotech…

Revenge of the barbarous relic

A former Fed chairman addresses the country on national TV (fiction):

“There should be a sign on the front of the Fed building in Washington saying, ‘We work for the elites – the commercial bankers and government – at the expense of everyone else. Try and stop us.’ 

“Let’s try, shall we? 
“Bankers and politicians have had a mutually rewarding relationship for ages. Bankers create money and loan it out at interest, which can be very profitable. Trouble is, creating money electronically or with a printing press, which is what central banks do, is counterfeiting. In return for a share of the newly-created money, government lets banks get away with it. Government gets bigger, bankers get richer. 
“Bank counterfeiting, which is another name for inflation, fuels a great many evils for which it gets little credit, such as wars and depressions. To put an end to this racket we need to establish a free market in banking, which means open it up to competition. What would prevent banks from counterfe…

Why Trump and not Paul?

Donald Trump led a gut-level attack on the Establishment.Listening to a Trump speech you didn’t learn economics or the philosophy of liberty; you only heard what you already knew: you were getting the shaft from the elites.
Ron Paul understands liberty and how it relates to economics, especially monetary theory, and attempted to educate Americans on some important points.  Although his approach had strong appeal to young people it didn’t wake up enough older Americans to create a major movement.  
And that was our loss.  Is it too late?  Maybe not.
Ron Paul rightly made the Fed a campaign issue.  As I understand him, he sees the Federal Reserve as the institution most responsible for the decline of our civilization.  Aside from government itself, I agree.
Main Street people don’t understand the Federal Reserve.  They sometimes confuse it with the Treasury if they think about it at all.  They have no idea what the Fed really does, other than adjust interest rates somehow.  To them the Fed…