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Hands off, Bernie! is looking for donations to pay for enrolling presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Walter Block’s economics course at Loyola University in New Orleans.  Of course no one expects Sanders to take the course even if the necessary $3,096 is raised.  But it draws attention to what some people believe is a serious flaw in his thinking, that socialism is a defensible economic system.
(Note: Mises Academy offers a year’s worth of online courses (plural) in free market economics at 3% of the price above.) 
But to Sanders and many like him, it doesn’t matter if socialism is deeply flawed.  I’m sure he would say it isn’t but that’s irrelevant.  It doesn’t matter that it’s not even an economic theory but a political agenda of confiscation and redistribution. In case you missed it, Sanders’ socialism is not the kind that went bloody, like those in the USSR, North Korea, Cuba, China, and Nazi Germany.   According to Wikipedia, “Sanders favors policies similar to those of soci…