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Political Purity Arrives in Cyberspace

Flight of the Barbarous Relic is a novel about a renegade Fed chairman that the author is adapting as a screenplay.   With the usual amount of luck and perseverance, it may someday see life as a movie on the big screen. 

What follows is a short segment from the novel - chapter 23.  At this point in the story certain websites have gained a strong following by exposing the flaws in the official account of the death of the Fed chairman.  The government decided it cannot afford to let this continue, so it claimed monopoly power over web browsing.  To this end, it hired nerds to develop a “purposeful collection of government bytes” called the Liberty Browser.   As a reporter in the story describes it,
. . . Liberty Browser will only recognize sites that have been approved by the government, much like the only drugs we can legally obtain are those approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Though President Gage assured us that all his “favorite critics would be alive and well” under the…