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This too will be a brutal passage

"Is everything gonna be all right"?

This is the question Ron Holland raises in a recent article, and of course the only answer is, no one really knows.  "My advice is to legally diversify much of your wealth outside your home country, currency and the political leeches running everything and then live your life."  What else can we do?  We can pay close attention to the big banks and the governments they fund. 

1.  "As a contrarian I believe if the PIIGS return to their national currencies, this could actually benefit both them and those northern European nations remaining in the euro. While a win/win situation for individual nations this would be catastrophic for the banking elites and they seldom lose and why I believe the banks and EU politicians will do their best to keep every nation in the EU."

2.  "If you want to know what will happen in the US, just watch the mega-bank bailouts in Europe and the forced austerity measures on the already bankru…

Commodity money takes care of itself

In his 1982 article, “Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice,” Nobel laureate Milton Friedman said that "if a domestic money consists of a commodity, a pure gold standard or cowrie bead standard, the principles of monetary policy are very simple. There aren’t any. The commodity money takes care of itself."  [emphasis added]

It takes care of itself. Consider that thought for a moment, then ask yourself why we've had politically-appointed bureaucrats running the money and banking system since 1913. The "official" reason was to maintain the stability of the dollar and avoid the kind of panics that plagued the 19th century economy. But the dollar has all but dried up in value, and the crises today are threatening to bring the whole planet to its knees.

Does this mean Friedman was right, even if he was never gold's champion?  Did commodity money keep economies in balance, both within and between nations?

Clearly, the views not only of central bankers but of their …

Preface to "The Jolly Roger Dollar"

The following is the preface to my forthcoming book, The Jolly Roger Dollar: An Introduction to Monetary Piracy, which will soon be available on Amazon.

Money and banking should be permanently divorced from the State.

Mankind should be divorced from the state but that’s going well beyond the scope of this little book.  For now, at least, our goal should be to kill central banking wherever it exists and open up the market to alternative moneys - alternatives to the fiat paper issued by central banks. Market participants should be free to choose what they wish to use for money without government interference.  Legal tender laws, since they constitute invasions of private property, should be repealed.  For the same reason, banking should lose the legal privileges that protect the practice of fractional reserve lending.  What is needed is freedom - freedom to conduct our monetary and banking affairs regulated only by private property rights and economic law.

The cover of this book was crea…